Steel Boned Corsets and Their Helping Hand

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Steel Boned Corsets

Steel boned corsets can play a helping hand in giving you a new shape and boost of confidence. They're like a little bit of magic wrapped in beautiful fabrics.

A steel boned corset is the Only type of corset you want to go for, not a plastic bit of crap from eBay (just saying it how it is) they aren't even corsets, they're busters who want to be a corset.

Or if you're hardcore you'll go for the waist training corset.

Let a steel boned corsets help you flaunt your figure

At The Corset Lady, I only make corsets that are worthy of being shown off. These corsets are worn as a top themselves or over a top. They're too higher quality (and price) to be worn under clothing. I only use the best fabrics and use spiral steel bones that will cinch your waist in and still be comfortable.

I used to only use flat steel bones or even double layered steel bones and whilst they pulled you right in, they weren't always very comfortable, especially for new corsets wearers. So after lots of trying and testing, when I relaunched (formerly The Burgandy Boudoir) I made the executive decision to swap to spiral steel bones and 2 flat/double steel bones at the front of the corset where the busk/opening is.

What sizes do my corsets come in?

I have made it so that every corset is available in plus sizes and are now available up to a natural waist 53". There are very few corset sellers who do true plus sizes and i am proud to be able to offer corsets to women (and men) worldwide in a bunch of different sizes. You can browse the full range of Corsets here at your convenience and don't forget, i ship worldwide.

All my corsets are made to order - I don't have them stacked up on a shelf in a warehouse. Most customers are happy for their piece of artwork to arrive in 21-25 business days. Of course we aim to get them to you quicker, it just depends on the time of year and how busy we are.

If you have any questions at all, pop along and join my FaceBook Group Here.

Have a great day.


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