Steel boned corsets for crossdressers and transgender women

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Corsets for crossdressers and transgender women

I was going to do 2 separate articles for this, but decided to combine it. Here's the thing: I get a lot of messages from both cross dressers and transgender women, asking for corset help. It completely depends on which stage of transitioning a transgender woman is at, so the advice is varied. I am going to keep this post a little more basic. If however you are a transgender woman looking for a corset, then please do message me through my Facebook Page and I can help you.

Bust and Corsets

The problem most men and transgender women face is not having enough bust to fill an overbust corset. There are ways around this. You can wear a corset style like this and wear a bra under it and 'fill it' or buy yourself some chicken fillets and pop them under the bust you have, to enhance them and create more bust.

black overbust steel boned corset

Corset Length

Another thing to take into consideration is your torso length. Most need a longer corset, you'd be looking at this style corset  which is 18" in length, instead of the regular length of approximately 15".


One last corset thing to consider

One last thing, one thing you'll want to avoid when buying a steel boned corset. You want to avoid the gored hipped corsets. These are specially designed for women who are either pear shaped or naturally quite hippy. Men don't have the same shape as us and this is just a fact of life. So be careful  gored hipped waist training corsetsnot to go for this style corset.gored hipped waist training corsets

If I can help at all, please do pop me a message on my Facebook Page. I am here to help you find the right corset for you.

Much Love

~ Sonya @TheCorsetLady

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