Stunning New Corset Colours

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Corsets That Are Drool-Worthy

I firstly want to thank you for the support over the last month whilst I transitioned from leaving one wholesaler and going back to one I used years ago. I am not sure my now old wholesaler is aware that Saturdays order was my last with them. It was a HUGE one too, thanks to you lovely lot. I wonder if they'll contact me next month to ask, but that's besides the point.

New Corsets

I am really happy to be using my old wholesaler and design team again, their corsets are awesome. I stopped using them years ago simply because they stopped selling for a while and then when they did start selling corsets again they wanted £1500 upfront for every order - which we all know every small business can't cough up every 2 weeks. Their corsets are all steel boned, always exceptional quality, it's just unfortunate that their sizes don't go past a natural waist 45" in 95% of their corsets. It's a sacrifice I had to make to ensure my customers got exceptional quality corsets time and time again Just look at the pictures, aren't they stunners?


Thank you again...

Thank you again for all your awesome support, for the orders, for the support on my social media platforms and generally just being fabulous.

I'm moving house tomorrow (back to Cambridgeshire) so it's going to be beyond hectic, but in a good way. So I'm logging off and going to pack those final few boxes.

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