The Do's and Don'ts of Waist Training

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Waist Training Do's and Don'ts

Again, you'd think many of these are basic suggestions, but I think it's important to address these points and it's a great article to book mark if you're considering getting into waist training.

Waist Training Do's

- Do start out slowly and work your way up. You might feel very restricted at first, so wear your waist trainer for a few hours at a time every day.

- Do add more time wearing your waist trainer as you start to feel more comfortable. Ultimately you'll want to be wearing it at least eight hours a day.

- Do be dedicated. If you want the most impressive results, commit to waist training daily for a few months.

- Do use a garment that fits! Use our sizing chart to determine what size you need for the best results.

- Do workout your core muscles for best results. 

- Do eat nutritious food in small portions. With the help of your waist trainer, you'll become fuller faster and with less.

- Do listen to your body. If you're feeling uncomfortable, take your waist trainer off.

- Do stay hydrated.


Waist Training Don'ts

- Don't continue wearing your waist trainer if you experience any numbness.

- Don't continue wearing your waist trainer if you have sharpness of breath.

- Don't continue wearing your waist trainer if you experience sharp stomach pains.

- Don't continue wearing your waist trainer if you feel any pinching.

Waist training absolutely shouldn't be hurting you and you shouldn't be feeling discomfort. Yes, you will learn how to sit more comfortably eventually, because wearing a wait training corset for the first few times you'll feel mildly uncomfortable, but that's just whilst you get used to the corset and season it. It should be high discomfort, if it is, STOP!


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