The Renaissance World

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The Renaissance World

The renaissance world, also known as steampunk. What an amazing era filled with fabulous fashion and strong women. These women knew what they wanted and they damn well went for it. We have the modern day strong women now of course, but not with that amazing sense of fashion they had back then.

Steampunk was sexy, it was hot, but classy too. A mix of browns and creams traditionally and sometimes with a hint of goth thrown in. A modern victorian era maybe?

Steampunk Corsets

Every year the steampunk fashion gets stronger and more widely noticed. As you know i am formerly The Burgandy Boudoir and when i used to sell corsets, steampunk and goth corsets were by far the most popular. It's why you'll see a lot of that style on the website. I sell what works. 

Steampunk corsets are embellished, have clock work detail and often come with zips and clasps for the closure.There will be chain and stud derail and sometimes little pouches attached to it and like the one pictured, room for your bullets!! Awesome right?

I sell corsets to men and women around the world who attend renaissance festivals. It makes no difference that i am based in the UK, my customers in the USA buy from me because they know they are getting high quality corsets and have no problem paying the shipping costs.

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