The Ultimate Corset Jacket

Posted by Sonya Kolodziejska on

Corset Jacket

The ultimate corset jacket, isn't is sensational? From top to bottom, it's just flawless. This jacket will truly hold you in in all the right places and provide just enough cleavage.

It's not everyday you come across a corset piece quite this badass. I have some regular type corsets on my website, some couture, some stunners, then there are the show stoppers. Like this corset.

Corset Tops

All of my overbust corsets are meant to be worn as tops, not to be hidden away under clothing, but to be shown off and show off your curves whilst wearing them. You will automatically get a confidence boost from wearing an authentic steel boned corset


Not sure how to measure for a corset? Here's how:

Measure in inches where your waist dips in at the side and no breathing in. That will be your natural waist measurement. Then order the corset size 4-5 inches smaller than that measurement. If you're looking for an overbust corset, ensure your bust in at least 4 inches Bigger than your natural waist measurement, so that you can fill the top part properly. Although with this style corset you could get away with less bust as it's a jacket, rather than your average overbust corset.

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