Transgender Women and Corsets

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Transgender Women Wearing Corsets

As many of you will know, I sell corsets to both women And men. I also sell corsets to cross dressers and transgender women. Yes I am very aware that crossdressers and transgender are two different things, I'm not stupid.

What happened when I introduced a transgender woman in my group

So a couple of months ago I launched a made to measure collection on my website and within 24 hours two of my transgender customers messaged me to order. Both women find it hard to buy clothes and corsets to fit their new shapes. They have both bought several of corsets from me before, but jumped at the chance to own a fully made to measure corset.

One of these women sent me a lovely picture of her wearing her new black couture dress and I asked if I could show her off on my social media. Once I got her permission I asked how she'd like to be introduced and her exact words included 'transgender women' in it. 

The controversy! I got 'told off' for using the words and that I should have introduced her as a woman!! They soon shut up when I said that I introduced her in the exact words she asked me to. Look at how amazing she looks, I'm so proud to help people worldwide look and feel incredible through my corsets.

transgender corsets

This is why I shy away from posting about cross dressing and transgender on my social media, incase I get it wrong in others eyes. Really, I ought to say 'fuck you' and carry on as I am. Right? I think I will actually! In fact, I have decided to email this out, so if you're on my email list, look out for it. 

If you're a crossdresser, transgender woman or simply into corsets, Browse The Corsets Here and see which ones stand out to you the most.


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  • Cool article and no there is nothing wrong with someone being introduced as transgender if that is how they wish to be addressed.
    I have always wondered if you marketed to trans ladies or not but I am so glad that you have been so accommodating. As a trans woman I find it refreshing when no targeting or direct advertising is done yet you attract clients nonetheless . BRAVA! and Thanks

    Bobbie Jo on
  • I run a crossdressing support forum and it’s too bad that men in corsets are not more socially acceptable. People should be able to wear whatever they want.

    Jeff on

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