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Waist Training 101

When starting your waist training journey, the idea isn't to jump straight in. Let's think about when you buy a new pair of shoes or trainers. You wouldn't run a marathon in brand new never before worn trainers and you wouldn't go out bar hopping (not that we can at the moment) wearing a brand new pair of heels. You want to wear your shoes in right? This is the same for waist training. In the beginning, it's going to be hard to wear a corset all day.

When you start waist training...

When you start waist training, you want to ensure you have the right corset for it. Waist trainers generally have double the amount of steel bones running through them than your average steel boned corset, which normally has about 12 steel bones running through it. Then decide if you'd prefer an underbust waist trainer or an overbust waist training corset. Have you got the right length corset too? If you're tall, you'll need a longer waist training corset. Personally if you're new to waist training, I'd recommend going for an underbust waist training corset, I feel they're easier to move around it. At the beginning, you should be wearing your corset for no more than 1-2 hours a day. 


At first don't tighten it too tightly, your corset needs time to warm up and adjust to your shape. So let's not dive in to several hours a day every day just yet. It should be laced so that it feels just about snug, but not tight. You're not just easing your body into the waist training process, but your corset too!

When to wear your corset for longer...

Upping the ante: when is it the right to time to start wearing your corset for longer? There isn't really a time scale, listen to your body instead. When you feel comfortable wearing your corset for a couple of hours, tighten it a little. Stick to the 2 hours, but go tighter when you feel ready to. Once you're comfortable wearing your corset more tightly, THEN start wearing it for longer. Add an hour of time each time you feel confident and comfortable, don't increase tightness and length at the same time. 

The next corset blog post will be 'when to stop waist training and the do's and don'ts of waist training' Look out for it.

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