Ways to Wear Your Corset

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Style Your Corset

So you did it! You bought your first corset. After hugging it and saying Ooh and Ahh and posting it on Facebook/Instagram, the next question is: how do I wear it?

You don't need to have a professional with you to help you style your corset! It's easier than you think and there are lots of ways to wear it. How you do it all depends on which style you want to try and which corset you have. Check out these ideas how to wear your corset and look fabulous!

Underbust Corset: If you are just getting started with corsets, underbusts are a great place to start. They are also great for ladies with smaller busts. These corsets look amazing layered over flowing blouses, halters or just about anything you can imagine. Go into your closet and just start layering it over your favourite tops until you find something that really works well together. If you have a corset that has a heavy pattern, it looks best laid over a plain coloured top versus another patterned top. The reverse also work too. If you have a plain colour corset, you can use a patterned or glitter top under it.

Sweetheart/Overbust Corset: This beautiful style is perfect for larger busted women. These corset don't necessarily need anything under them and can usually stand alone. Wearing a large statement piece or a choker can really make this corset style shine. Ladies who are uncomfortable with their upper arms can easily wear a bolero. If you want to go really bold and dressy, wear it with a blazer or suit jacket.

Now that you have the top half of you all figured out, what about the bottom? 


What you wear with your corset on the bottom is only limited by your imagination. For everyday and casual wear, jeans are always a perfect fit or your favourite pair of pants. Pair it up with a fabulous shoes and you have a great look.

Many types of skirts will work well with a corset. Flaring skirts that are full or pencil skirts both look amazing. A great pair of stockings can make your look even sexier.

Of course, you can't forget a great shoe. Corsets look great with any shoe. For a gothic or steampunk look, you can't go wrong with a high boot. For a little more elegance go for a heel, peep-toe or even a fancy flat. No matter what you pair with your corset, you will always look fabulous! 

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