Wearing a Corset After Pregnancy

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Corsets After Pregnancy

Wearing a corset after pregnancy can be a good idea to help shape your waist back into place, But not too soon after your pregnancy. Your body has just been through an amazing 9 months or so of being pregnant, your organs have all shifted, not to mention the labour! Give your body time to wear restrictive clothing after having a baby. ESPECIALLY if you've had a C Section! I know the doctor usually signs you off as fit after 6 weeks, but we are all different and I strongly believe we need to give our bodies time to recover.

When can I wear a corset?

I'll keep the answer simple - wait 2-3 months. If you feel completely back to normal, then start off slowly. But please be honest with yourself, only if you really feel back to normal. Star with just for an hour a day and see how you get on. Really you should consult a doctor after having your baby to check they agree it's ok to start wearing a corset again. 

Many of you are 'seasoned mums' and have done this more than once and you know your bodies. But it's better to be safe eh. 

This week was a short blog from me. But I hope you enjoyed it all the same :)

~ Sonya 

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