What Can Corsets Do For Your Body

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Corsets and Your Body

What can corsets do for your body? Quite a lot actually. Whether you wear your corset over or under your clothing, your corset is doing a lot of work behind the scenes and creating changes you might not even think a corset is doing for you. Here are some changes you'll find are working for your body whilst wearing a corset.

Creating an Hourglass Figure

Wearing a corset will create a stunning hourglass figure. It goes without saying that to achieve this result, you do need to be wearing an authentic steel boned corset. No cheap £9 corsets from eBay! A steel boned corset will cinch your waist in by several inches and give your boobs a lift.

Improve Posture

I don't know about you, but my posture isn't great, I am a natural sloucher. But wrap a corset around me and my posture greatly improves. There is something about standing taller that not only improves my 'sexy' but also gives me a sense of power. Wearing a steel corset allows for our spine to be straight, which encourages better posture. This goes for both overbust and underbust corsets. 

Confidence Boost

This is the most natural feeling when wearing a corset, it gives most people a massive confidence boost. Feeling good and looking good go hand in hand and when you feel good, you most definitely look good too. Confidence oozes from you and produces those good vibes we're all chasing. People are also naturally drawn to those good vibes and confidence is sexy. For me, losing a few inches off my waist and my boobs getting a boost (let's face it, I'm 41, they're not quite as pert as they once were) make me feel incredible. And it doesn't matter what size you, you WILL feel that confidence too.


You don't have to wear a corset over clothes or as a top if you're new to corsets. The new mesh corset range is great if you're just starting out. Once your confidence builds a little, you may feel you want to move onto a corset top. These Velvet Corsets make for amazing tops.

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