What Do I Mean By Natural Waist?

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What Do I Mean By Natural Waist?

When measuring for a corset, it's your natural waist measurement that is the most important. Not your bust... your waist. However, not just your waist, your natural waist at that. By natural waist, i mean NO breathing in when you measure. Oh and all measurements should be in inches.

But I hate my natural waist measurement i hear you say

Seriously, most women hate their natural waist measurement. Here's the beauty of it though, every single one of my corsets is steel boned. That means they will cinch your waist in by several inches and give you a complete new waist line. What's not to love about that right?

A lot of women (myself included) aren't happy with the way they look or are maybe bigger than we'd like to be. That's why i provide corsets in all shapes and sizes. My steel boned corsets go up to a natural waist 53" as standard. Not many websites out there can say they go up to that corset size. 

Does my bust measurement matter?

Yes to a certain extent. If you are wanting to buy an underbust corset, then no is the short answer. However, if you'd like to buy an overbust corset, then you're going to need to fill it. When you're measuring, you need to ensure your bust measurement is at least 4 inches bigger than your natural waist measurement. Simply measure all the way around your bust with no bra on.

This way you won't have a gap at the top of your corset. This is a classic mistake women make. They think because they have a 38E bra size, that they have a large bust. However, if then their natural waist is 48", they soon realise their bust measures up the same and then they actually can't fill an over bust corset. 

If you have any questions at all, you're welcome to join my Facebook Group, where i am always happy to answer any questions.

Have a fantastic day/evening ~ Sonya 

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