What Should Crossdressers Consider When Buying a Corset

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Crossdressers Buying Corsets

Many crossdressers want to try corsets, it's fun, it's sexy and why not eh? I wanted to write a blog post to give a few tips on what men should consider before buying one of my corsets.

I recommended you to consider these points before buying a corset

  1. Consider length of corsets –

How tall are you? If you're 6 ft, you'll definately want a longer length corset. Anyone 5'8" or more should be looking at longer length corsets unless you have a very short torso. I do have longer corsets in both underbust and overbust styles.

  1. Overbust verses underbust corset in men –

Males don’t have breasts and their chests tend to curve inwards above the nipples. So, if a corset is made too high (over bust); there will be a gap between the skin and corset in males. Much the same for small chested women. In the case of cross-dressers, some men wear bras to give breast contours, so you won't have a problem with chest size if you where a padded out bra.

Also, the actual torso of males is bit concave as compared to convex of females so, it can be difficult to fit over bust corsets as compared to underbust corsets.


  1. Consider Navel while giving measurement

In crossdressing, men should locate their waist about one inch above their normal navel, to produce the illusion of a normal feminine waist. This is pretty important when measuring... and don't forget, NO breathing in when measuring. It has to be your NATURAL waist measurement.

Some crossdressers (and non cross dresses to be fair) say corsets can be uncomfortable, but they are comfortable if fitted properly and when they have been worn in properly. It's not too different from wearing in a new pair of shoes.

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