What's a Goth Girl then?

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What is a goth girl all about anyway?

Goth is a style that has evolved over time and everyone has their own interpretation. In the early 1990's gothic clothing was all the rage. Women who wore these dark garments also had black hair, black lipstick and tall boots. They would wear all types of religious icons or even skulls and other macabre symbols. Don't let the thought of that style scare you off! 

The gothic look

That image has changed into something more beautiful.  Some do continue to wear that style, but the way the Goth look is thought of now is more Victorian inspired. This style embraces more lace, elegance, classic beauty and -- of course -- a gorgeous corset.  Metal  bands Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation are notorious for their leading ladies wearing this style when performing. These types of corsets are also seen in movies, TV shows and music videos. Once you start looking for them, you will be shocked at how often people are wearing them. 

You can also spin the Goth look a third way that has a rockstar edge. Wear long skirts with chains or corsets that are more daring with bold buckles, chains and patterns.  Complete your look with some killer heel or a pair of boots that will get anyone to take notice. 


You can build your own gothic look! The first place to start is with your corset. The rest of the pieces can all build around your centre focus. Although it typically is, a gothic corset doesn't have to be black. Other popular colours are rich burgundy and royal purple. Choose whichever one speaks to you. A long black skirt is the perfect complement to whatever corset you choose. The gothic look can also be done through a corset dress too. The only thing that limits your look is your imagination.  

Goth style

Goth is a style you wear when you want to be mysterious and edgy. It's that slight touch of darkness that can really make you feel sexy and confident in ways that you haven't felt before.  A Goth corset can show off all of your best assets or you can choose a style that leaves a lot more to the imagination. Any way that you wear it, you will feel good about yourself and that is the key to pulling it off.

Break out your fishnet stockings, smokey eye makeup and statement jewellery pieces and rock your version of Goth! View the gothic corset collection here today.

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