What's the Deal with Waist Training?

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Thinking of waist training?

So what's the deal with waist training? Does waist training hurt? Is it harmful? Can i get ill from it? The answers to all of the above are quite simply NO! Waist training absolutely isn't harmful to you, you won't get ill and it does not bloody hurt!

I get pretty pissed off at people making stupid assumptions and whom actually no F all about waist training. You're in control of how tight You want to wear your corsets, it's no different with a waist training corset.

Who can waist train?

Anyone can waist train. Male, female (although harder for men as they have that extra rib) and any size. The aim of waist training is not to lose weight, but to shape your waist. You'll find you will lose weight though, because wearing a waist training corset daily will basically stop you pigging out (i'm so guilty of that)

What's the difference between a waist training corset and a regular steel boned corset?

Easy peasy. My steel boned corsets have 12 steel bones running through them, all evenly distributed to give you that beautiful shape.

A waist training corset has a massive 24 steel bones running through it, for the ultimate pull in and strength. Men and women wear these corsets for hours a day and they're not uncomfortable, they just take a little getting used to. Before you know it you won't give it a second thought.

Have I waist trained?

Nope, but have worked with closely with women who have and have seen some fantastic waist training results.

Here is a link to my waist training corsets, ALL available in plus sizes too. Take a peek and of you have any questions, join the Facebook Page and ask away.

~ Sonya 

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