When To Stop Wearing a Corset

Posted by Sonya Kolodziejska on

Know when it's time to stop wearing a corset

Some of these tips might be really basic/obvious, but there are some that won't know, so here's a little tiny blog post on when to stop wearing a steel boned corset.

I did say this post would be 'when to stop waist training' but felt it tied in with when not to wear a corset, so here goes.

I have been through a bit of a tough time recently with weight gain. The doctors think it may have been down to the anti depressants I have been on, which is unfortunately the most common side effect of this particular brand. I am now off them (it's been about a week) and I am eating well, working out 4x a week and hoping to see some weightless in a few weeks.


But this experience got me thinking about corsets. I am already beating myself up over the weight I have put on, I certainly don't want to be buying corsets in bigger sizes. Also, with waist training, it's not going to help if my weight gain is medication related, so why put myself through it?

Equally, you don't/shouldn't wear a corset if pregnant and I don't wear a corset when on my period, because my tummy is swollen and uncomfortable, I don't want that feeling to be worse than it already is.

I know people who wear corsets all the time, but it's no necessary and take a look at your comfortable levels. If you're fine, then crack on and enjoy, but if you're uncomfortable, decide whether it's really worth it.

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