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Steampunk Corsets for Whitby

Steampunk corsets for the weekend I'm attending this weekend! I can't believe how quickly it's come around. Lots of lush steel boned corsets for the lovelies that will be attending this weekend in Whitby.

I've already prided myself in selling a range of gothic and steampunk corsets in a variety of sizes. The website shows just how big the range is, especially the gothic corset collection.


This is one of the corsets I am taking to the weekend. The creative outfits I see are inspiring and truly artistic. An underbust corset like this can be worn over almost anything. The detail is simply stunning. A show stopper of an underbust corset. Fully steel boned of course.

I have packed up the car and I'm ready (kind of) for the massive 6.6-7 hour journey tomorrow. Once I get there I will be unloading, putting most of my stall together, then finding my hotel and going to find some nice food. It is going to be cold, so food, shower and get into bed for a chilled one before the busy of the weekend.

Have a great weekend yourself.

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