Other Overbust Corsets

Steel Boned Corsets Not Steampunk or Gothic

Corsets not in gothic or steampunk styles. Blue corsets, red corsets and plus size corsets. If black corsets or steampunk corsets aren't your jam, then these steel boned overbust corsets are perfect for you.

How to measure for a steel boned corset?

Grab a tape measure, measure around your waist where your waist dips in at the side and NO breathing in. That will be your natural waist. To fill an overbust corset, you'll need to ensure your bust is bigger than your larger bust. By at least 3-4 inches. Right up to 10-11" bigger than your natural waist too!

Measure with a tape measure around your full bust without a bra to get the correct measurement. If the tape measure says you can't fill an overbust corset, then see my underbust corsets here.

Enjoy shopping these steel boned overbust corsets, i ship worldwide. In fact, despite being based in the UK, most of my clients are in the USA. They know style.