About Me

About The Corset Lady

The Corset Lady is formally The Burgundy Boudoir. I'm back and selling steel boned corsets to customers world wide again. It's funny, i'm based in the UK, but most of my customers are in the USA, some even as far as Australia. 

I started this business once i had my second baby and childcare was too expensive. It grew and grew and i have never been happier. Not just because i get to be a stay at home mum and bring up my kids (now 7 and 8 years) but i get to help women worldwide feel incredible.

My message is that any man or woman can wear a corset, no matter their size. My corsets go up to a natural waist 53" and i am proud of that. Curvy, slim, pear shapes, apple shapes, man or woman, i serve you all.

I am honoured to help trans women and cross dressers too. I am now offering a styling service for men (and women if you need it) that involves shoes, corsets and make up. You can read more on that Here.

If you have any questions at all, just pop me a message over on the Facebook Page or Join my FB Group.

Need help measuring for a corset, pop along here.

Oh and yes, that's actually me ⤵️